Wallowing in talk of other people’s misdeeds

Backstabbing. The name says it all. Stabbing your colleagues in the back, intentionally or otherwise, is a huge source of strife in the workplace,” wrote Bradberry. “One of the most frequent forms of backstabbing is going over someone’s head to solve a problem. People typically do this in an attempt to avoid conflict, but they end up creating even more conflict as soon as the victim feels the blade.”

“Gossiping. People make themselves look terrible when they get carried away with gossiping about other people,” he wrote. “Wallowing in talk of other people’s misdeeds or misfortunes may end up hurting their feelings if the gossip finds its way to them, but gossiping will make you look negative and spiteful every time, guaranteed.”

“Announcing that you hate your job. The last thing anyone wants to hear at work is someone complaining about how much they hate their job. Doing so labels you as a negative person and brings down the morale of the group,” Bradberry wrote. “Bosses are quick to catch on to naysayers who drag down morale, and they know that there are always enthusiastic replacements waiting just around the corner.”

“Eating smelly food. Unless you happen to work on a ship, your colleagues are going to mind if you make the entire place smell like day-old fish. The general rule of thumb when it comes to food at work is, anything with an odor that might waft beyond the kitchen door should be left at home,” Bradberry offered.


when George W Bush was president.

In June 2010, US President Barack Obama cemented the original “reset” at a summit when the then Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, visited the White House.

That initiative came after years of poor relations, notably after Russia’s summer war with Georgia, an aspiring Nato member, in 2008, when George W Bush was president.reenex 價錢

“Now there’s a need for what the Americans might call a ‘reset’,” Mr Lavrov told Russia’s Channel Five (in Russian).

“The current US administration is today wrecking much of the co-operation structures that it created itself along with us. Most likely, something more will come up – a reset No 2 or a reset 2.0.”

Mr Lavrov said the situation was improving on the ground in Ukraine, where a shaky ceasefire has been in place for several weeks.

Nato reported this week that there had been a significant withdrawal of Russian conventional troops from inside eastern Ukraine, although many thousands remained just over the border.

Moscow has never acknowledged the presence of any Russian troops in Ukraine.

Addressing the UN General Assembly, President Obama accused Russia of pouring arms into the region but he also praised the recent ceasefire agreement between the Ukrainian government and pro-Russian rebels.Reenex 好唔好

reenex hong kong

He promised to lift sanctions if Moscow worked through diplomatic means to secure a lasting peace.

Details of how they were released have not been disclosed.

The sailors – from south Asia and Iran – were on board the container vessel, the MV Albedo, when it was hijacked 1,500 km (900 miles) off the coast of Somalia in November 2010.

Dr MaxDetails of how they were released have not been disclosed.

They are being flown to Kenya before being repatriated, a UN official says.周向榮

Seven of the ship’s crew were released two years ago when a ransom was paid; six others have died.

The UN estimates that about 40 people are still being held by Somali pirates.

At the peak of their activity three years ago, the pirates held more than 700 crew members and over 30 ships.


New York Times can simply squash a story like this.

And David Miranda, the partner of one of the journalists holding the largest amount of Snowden files, was also stopped in August as he changed planes at Heathrow airport, questioned and had memory devices confiscated.Maggie Beauty黑店

“Start Quote

Perhaps Kafka rather than Orwell provides the better literary template for this ongoing story”

Indeed, the Miranda episode is pretty much the only one since the publication of the Snowden stories that suggests some kind of joined up response aimed at frustrating further publication.

It had the hint, with its foreknowledge of Mr Miranda’s travel plans and the fact that he was carrying these files, of an operation based on precisely the kind of intelligence gathering that Mr Snowden has warned of.

In the US though there has been pretty much nothing. And this is despite the fact that it is common journalistic knowledge that the Guardian journalists sitting on a great many more files, drip feeding them into the public domain, have been operating in New York.

There are aspects of incompetence to it.Maggie Beaut

Mr Snowden was part of an army of more than 800,000 people with clearance to access such damaging material, and was able to get it again when working with a contractor despite concerns having been expressed at the CIA about his motives.

Some “lessons learned” studies have been launched within the intelligence community, but not yet with any result in terms of cutting the numbers given access to such secrets, or barring from similar work the contractor that employed him.

As for the media, well this crisis should put to bed the idea that that a call from the White House to the editor of the Washington Post or New York Times can simply squash a story like this.

There have been no US legal attempts to force journalists to destroy or turn over what they have, and in the UK a DA Notice on the subject has been widely ignored.Maggie Beauty黑店

The deep sea animals on film.

A UK-Japan team found the 17-strong shoal at depths of 7.7km (4.8 miles) in the Japan Trench in the Pacific – and captured the deep sea animals on film.Interactive LED

The scientists have been using remote-operated landers designed to withstand immense pressures to comb the world’s deepest depths for marine life.
Monty Priede from the University of Aberdeen said the 30cm-long (12in), deep-sea fish were surprisingly “cute”.
Nobody has really been able to look at these depths before – and I think we will see fish living much deeperLafite
The fish, known as Pseudoliparis amblystomopsis, can be seen darting about in the darkness of the depths, scooping up shrimps.

Alan Jamieson, from the University of Aberdeen, said: “It was an honour to see these fish.
“No-one has ever seen fish alive at these depths before – you just never know what you are going to see when you get down there.”interactive digital signage

The deepest record for any fish is Abyssobrotula galatheae, which was dredged from the bottom of the Puerto Rico Trench at a depth of more than 8km (5 miles) in 1970. However, it was dead by the time it reached the surface.

The previous record for any fish to have been spotted alive was thought to have stood at about 7km (4 miles).

Warnings of the tsunami height had varied between 50cm and 2m。

There have been no reports of deaths, injuries or serious damage, and all tsunami warnings were cancelled at 19:20 local time (10:20 GMT), broadcaster NHK said Hong Kong weather

Warnings of the tsunami height had varied between 50cm and 2m.

The BBC’s Rupert Wingfield-Hayes in Tokyo says any such height would represent a far lower risk of devastation than the tsunami of up to 11 metres that struck in 2011 but that, since then, the country has clearly become jittery about any shaking of the earth.

The tsunami warnings had extended from the top of the main island of Honshu down towards Tokyo and evacuations were ordered from some of the affected areas 27
With Japan’s early warning system, NHK was able to break off its regular programming and issue an alert about the earthquake shortly before it struck.

A presenter on state broadcaster NHK then told viewers: “Remember last year’s quake and tsunami. Call on your neighbours and flee to higher ground now!”